Calling forth your genius.

We partner to create a life that rocks your world.

Authenticity + Wisdom + Action = Your Outrageously Delicious Life

Your Authenticity – We explore who you truly are and what makes your life vibrant.  We look at all areas where you are seeking a deeper sense of self and fulfillment.  We “peel back the layers” and invite YOU into your own light.

Your Wisdom – We connect with your internal wise woman who knows the truth. She is your fearless inner warrior who knows how to make decisions that resonate with your soul. She knows that life is meant to be an exploration that is rich, exciting, peaceful and abundant.

Your Action – We design steps that move you forward into being and doing life in a way that empowers your greatness. And when action comes from resonance it unfolds with ease. And big smiles.

“I feel so blessed to have had the radiant Page “walk” with me during my final year of medical school, facilitating a gentler path and helping me navigate a more peaceful, resonant way through the busy-ness. Thank you Page! I am so grateful for your intuitive leadership!

Sandy in Perth, Australia

Ready? Set. Go…

Your initial strategy session is free. Sweet, right? Choose one topic that you want to change. Lets see what’s possible. Your job is to show up, be vulnerable and commit to your divine awesomeness. I will hold safe space for you (which I LOVE doing for women). I get curious. I call you out on your bullshit. I challenge you – with love.  Are we as awesome together as peanut butter and dark chocolate?  If yes, then we get started.

Let’s do this.

page coaching packages jul 2015

*Today is your day. It’s time for you – claim it! This is probably scary, totally exciting and nonetheless BIG.

Coaching really is meant to be experienced rather than explained, so shoot me an e-mail so we can connect. I ask that only those who are seriously interested and are ready to step into their fabulousness inquire.

Page created a place of peace and safety where being vulnerable was easy. As ready as I was to accept the challenges coming my way through our sessions, she provided great insight and validity to my issues giving me the courage to move on and be more comfortable with myself.

Diane in Abu Dhabi, UAE

By the way… my clients are of the utmost importance to me, therefore I keep my practice small so that you have my full attention, commitment and love!

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