yarn2Hey there Sassy Pants!

Let’s get real. You are tired of playing small. You are ready to be heard.  It’s time to say YES to yourself and your life.

Any of these sound familiar?

You don’t feel appreciated

Your life is overflowing with activity and you are exhausted

You are tired of beating yourself up about your health/weight

You feel “ less than”.  No matter what you do – it’s never enough

You wonder if you are on the right path in your life

You feel guilty if you take time for yourself


Ack! Perhaps some of this resonates and you are now feeling the heaviness of what’s not working in your life. That’s okay – it all starts with awareness. During our coaching we can tackle all this and more. Check out the “ US”  page for details on how we work together as a team.

What’s possible for you:

  • Learn to trust yourself – so you don’t spend hours agonizing over even the simplest decisions
  • Stop saying “yes” to things you don’t really want to do – without the guilt
  • Embrace yourself and your life right now rather than pushing yourself past your limits
  • Unleash your creative self – she’s been hiding for way too long
  • Quit apologizing for stuff that is not your fault
  • Get clear on what’s truly important so you can cross all the crappy stuff off your “to do” list

Sound good?

You are a passionate powerhouse of potential…Waiting to be released.

Become part of a tribe of women who step it up in a big way.

Page Rossiter rocks! My sessions on creativity resulted in a shift in my business from 10% fun, creative projects to 90% – no exaggeration. I invested in me, got in touch with how I want to spend my time, got out of my “should” box – and my new office is now an inspiring place that I want to be in. Thanks to Page who listened, asked the right questions and cheered me on, I was able to make a shift that I couldn’t make on my own. 

Min in San Diego, CA

You will giggle. You will smile. You will probably cry. This is a place for all of you. Embrace your past and create your future. Life is like a big juicy peach…. Mmmmm…. Waiting to be devoured. Tell me what you want… what you really really want!

It’s time to rock-n-roll. If you want something different…. Then you gotta do something different.

Contact me now.

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