The legit deets…

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute

  • Woman Within (helping women to access their wisdom and power) lead Facilitator since 2007

  • NCCJ camp co-faciliatator for youth leadership in diversity programs

  • Empowered Girls Alliance leader inspiring girls to identify themselves as valuable, powerful, and beautiful

  • Graduate of The University of Delaware with a degree in Business Management





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Who I am.

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The fun stuff:

I currently live in sunny San Diego with my awesome husband and our 2 meows. I’ve inherited a secret love of Big Band Music (from the 40’s), thanks to my late father. Coffee is my friend. I have won international awards for giving the best hugs, want one?

My story:

20 feet up on a high dive at 6 years old. I loved it and was having the time of my life. My mother could not believe her eyes, yet I kept jumping in… over and over again. I was free. I was flying high and having a blast.

However, my life has not always been peachy or easy. There was a time I did not recognize or know myself. And it’s not because of my parents divorce when I was 2 or the incessant teasing from my brother, or the pain of alcoholism in my household. Yet all of these things shaped my early years.

By high school my insecurities had sky rocketed. Deep down I wanted to be seen, yet I allowed the fear to hold me back. When I had glimpses of myself – I did not trust it. Did not trust myself. I was too scared and I was hiding. From me. From you. From the world. I held back my voice and buried my needs. I just wanted to blend into the background.

In my mid-twenties, I started my journey of personal growth by doing workshops and working with a coach. I experienced being truly seen and heard in my vulnerability. I was loved and accepted. It was incredible. I felt as if I was getting a Master’s Degree in ME which was fucking priceless! I became passionate about creating these kinds of safe spaces for others to know themselves.


The Awareness Box.

As I was learning more about myself, I had some of those awesome “Aha” moments. It was precious information. I imagined it tucked into a tiny box; that I could hold in my hand. It held my awareness. Through coaching, personal work and being totally vulnerable -and perhaps some blood, sweat and tears- that I grew. The little box was magical. And it was all mine. Because the more I knew myself, the more I could heal the old crap and create new thoughts, beliefs and ways of being in the world. I could step into my power.

At times it was exhausting to be young and so aware. I would put that sweet little box of knowledge on the shelf and go out to party… like most 25 year olds. However, the box always drew me back. It was the good stuff. The real me. The whole kit and caboodle.

My relationships became deeper and more fulfilling. I was no longer satisfied with “small talk”. I wanted to connect with the truth of others. The authentic and alive part. This connection to myself, to sprit and to others is what feeds my soul.


I value that my AWARENESS has led me to CHOICES and that has been my empowerment.

The awareness box remains. And I still add to it! I am on a journey and there are always new insights. Now I stand on the high dive with some trepidation. It’s exhilarating and risky yet absolutely worth it. And I have an ah-mazing view. I allow others to see me. And I trust myself – to jump or to hang out and enjoy the scenery.

Today, I am a leader – I am a facilitator – I have a voice – I am authentic – I am vulnerable – I am worthy – I love my life – I am empowered –

I live my values – I am abundant – I embrace my body – I am spiritual – I kick ass.

Where are you on your journey? Where are you headed? I am here to walk part of it with you. Whether you are just launching in or you have decades of self-discovery. I am passionate about creating a safe place for you to blossom. It’s time for you to be seen and heard. Invite your authentic self to come alive. Call forth your innate wisdom. Let’s inspire action that resonates with your soul. This shit is good. It’s real. And it works.